Our team at Queensland Air Compressors keep a comprehensive record of every air compressor we service, when the next scheduled service is due, what type of service is due and if there is any time expired components that require replacing.

We look at it as 'preventative maintenance' rather than 'reactive maintenance' and understand our customers havent got the time to ascertain when and what type of service is due.


Once we have done a service or repair we record what work has been done and list filters, oils and parts that were used. We can also take note of any items that may need to be replaced at the next service such as belts etc.

This then gets recorded in our compressor service history data base so we always have a comprehensive record each time we work on a compressor. This also allows us to forward plan for the next service due and have the correct service items on hand.

We also run an 'Efficient Reminder Program' which lets us know exactly when the next scheduled service is due so you know your compressor will be serviced at the correct intervals.

Our friendly team at Queensland Air Compressors will be happy to assist next time you require a service or repair and we can also provide a free quotation so you know exactly what costs are involved to get the job done right the first time. 


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