1) Q: Do you hire out air compressors?
A: Yes, we have a comprehensive range in our modern hire fleet. We have 240V electric, 3 phase electric and portable diesel air compressors that gives us a range from 7cfm to 1000cfm.
2) Q: Can you service or repair air compressors?
A: Yes, our main focus is to offer exceptional after sales service and we achieve this by offering scheduled servicing and have qualified compressor technicians readily available for any breakdown repairs required. 
3) Q: What air requirements do I require to to operate my air tools?
A: Depending on the type of air tool as the flow rate differs. Generally you will require around 6 to 40cfm free air delivery and we take into account your duty cycle as well when calculating the right size compressor. The optimum air pressure requirement for a majority of air tools is 90psi, and it is wise to purchase a compressor with a filter/regulator fitted so as you can adjust the discharge pressure to 90psi.
4) Q: How much electricity do I require to run the compressor?
A: For a quick guide work on 14.7amps for every 10hp. This is the amp  draw for a compressor running loaded. We also recommend fitting a ā€˜Dā€™ curve breaker for 3 phase electric compressors.
5) Q: Will a larger air receiver (tank) give me more air? 
A: Air receivers are storage of compressed air, they do not make air. Additional receivers are sometimes used to pick up on any pressure loss that may occur from running long air lines etc. Generally, the tank mounted compressors have the correct size air receiver to match the compressor pump free air delivery and duty cycle required.
6) Q: Are spare parts readily available? 
A: Yes, we only offer compressors that we know we can source parts in Australia. We also keep some critical spare parts on our shelf.
7) Q: How much warranty do I get?
A: Depending on the make of the compressor but generally we offer a minimum of 12 months warranty plus an additional customer care program.
8) Q: Where are the compressors made?
A: We offer a quality range of ELGi industrial air compressors that are manufactured in India for the global market.  ELGi have sold more than 2 million compressors throughout 70 countries.  ELGi offer the lowest cost of ownership experience in the world.  ELGi have the best warranty program in the compressed air industry with their Uptime Lifetime Warranty..
9) Q: What life expectancy can I get from my new air compressor? 
A: This is difficult to answer because there is so many different scenarios. It would depend on how often it will be used, what environment is it in, will it get serviced regularly etc. As a rough guide, small belt drive compressors should last around 10 years and rotary screw compressors around 50,000 hours.
10) Q: Can you install and commission my compressor?
A: Yes, for an electrical compressor we can do the electrical wiring/connections and plumb the unit using air pipe and fittings to the Australian Standards. We also commission all compressors that we sell.